Haven Colour Matrix

The style and colour of your home or commercial premises, will ultimately determine what colour balustrade, fence or gate style you opt for. We will work closely with you to ensure the finished product delivers the look you are after; our experienced team are more than capable to assist with colour and style selection.

The two links below showcase the colours that are available to you depending on the style of product you go for. Please check with our customer service team which link you should visit depending on your Haven Fencing project options.

Almost any material can be powder coated to achieve the finish you desire. We suggest you look over the powder coat colour range by Dulux – download their colour brochure and please inform us of the colour code / codes you would like us to use and consider for your project. In almost every project we can utilise the amazing pallet of colours offered by Dulux powder coatings.

Download the residential Dulux Powder Coatings colour matrix here.

Colourbond Fencing is available in a range of colours, the following link will give you some indication of what colours are available for you to choose from. Colourbond colour matrix.

Colorbond Fencing Colours
Standard Powder Coat Colours
Bluescope Colorbond Matrix
Glass & Pool Fencing
Metal & Wrought Iron Fencing
Automatic & Manual Gates
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