Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates


Haven Fencing specialise in custom wrought iron fencing and gate designs. We custom design to suit new & existing homes.

Wrought Iron Fences and Gates offer both security and produce a stunning visual impact.

Wrought Iron applications:
• Wrought Iron brick in fills
• Wrought Iron fences
• Wrought Iron driveway gates– automatic and manual, swing or sliding
• Wrought Iron pedestrian gates
• Balconies, balustrades, patios, verandas

For Wrought Iron fences, wrought iron gates, wrought iron brick in fills & more that are timeless and creative, contact us today for an obligation free quote.



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Wrought Iron Gates Melbourne

Wrought Iron & Steel Gates Melbourne for Your Home

At Haven Fencing, we are passionate about designing the perfect steel gates Melbourne wide for you and your home. Whether it’s a driveway gate, an electric gate, a pedestrian gate or fencing in Melbourne, we have the solution for you.

Our wrought iron gates Melbourne and steel gates Melbourne products are visually appealing, safe and secure, improving the security measures you take both at home and at work. All of our wrought iron gates Melbourne products can be activated using the click of a button; additionally, they can function as a side gate for entry to your backyard. Our steel gates Melbourne options are secure, strong and stunning, giving you peace of mind. With Haven Fencing, you know that your family, workplace and home are safe and look good, too!

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